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Automatic racing systems can be dangerous in the wrong hands for, whatever the past and present portents, they can never be absolutely relied upon to deliver the goods. But then nor can flair and judgement, and there is no doubt that the regime of following some organised system of betting can help many punters to chart their way through the betting minefield.

There is room therefore for both approaches. It is hoped however that anyone using the free horse racing systems below will use the knowledge gained from them wisely and well.



Amazing Secret System

The horse racing system is quite simple. As you glance through your paper looking for any horses with the form figures 111 or 1 and 2 in their last three races make a note of any race with two qualifiers only.

You then back both horses in that race at level stakes. That's the system pure and simple. Believe me you get some nice priced winners. For example at Cheltenham 1994 there were three races that qualified and they produced two winners at 16/1 and 4/1. Stakes 60 points, returns 220 points. Not bad.

I suggest that where the shortest priced qualifier is quoted less than 2/1 you place the full stake on the other qualifier, it will almost certainly increase your returns.

10 points on each qualifier, if one less than 2/1 in betting place full 20 points on other qualifier.


 The Bookmaker Basher System
  • Newspaper required is the Racing Post.
  • Look at Forecast Favourites with odds in the range 8/11 - 9/4 inclusive.
  • The 2nd favourite must be at least 4/1.
  • The horse must have been placed in the first 3 last time out.
  • It must have run within the last 28 days.
  • It must be top-rated by POSTMARK - not joint top-rated.
  • Minimum of 5 runners - maximum of 14.
  • Must be ridden by a professional or top apprentice claiming 3 or 5lbs.
  • Must be able to handle the going:-
    1. If 3 or more runs in its lifetime it must have won or placed (beaten a maximum of 3 lengths) on going similar to the reported going.
    2. 3-Y-O and older horses with less than 3 runs - no going qualification needed.
    3. 2-Y-O with less than 3 runs must handle the going by either having won or placed (beaten max 3 lengths) on the EXACT going as shown is Racing Post.
  • Eliminate all selling races, amateur races, juvenile hurdles, novice handicap hurdles, maiden chases, and all national hunt races in August.


The Brown Jack System

  1. Results are obtained by use of the Daily Mail newspaper.
  2. To obtain the one named horse for the day, proceed as follows:-
    (a) Below each race the Daily Mail gives where the favourite finished in previous years (normally 7 years results). Go through each card and find the race that the favourite won most times. (b) Repeat the procedure and find the race where the favourite finished second most times.
  3. The race for the day will be that with the highest figure ie. The race with the most wins for the favourite or the race with the most seconds. In the event of a race having an equal number of wins and seconds then discard that race. In the event of there being two races with an equal number of wins and seconds then give preference to the race with favourite wins.
  4. The one named bet will be as follows:- If the selected race is that in which the favourite has won most times, then back the Named Forecast Favourite, if joint favourites then ignore that race and go on to the next qualifier.
    If the selected race is that in which the favourite finished second most times then back the horse quoted as Clear Second Favourite, again if Joint Second Favourite then ignore that race. The reason for this bet is that in a good race for backers the most likely horse to beat the favourite is the second favourite and over the years the Daily Mail betting forecast has proved to be the most accurate.
  5. The following exceptions must be adhered to:-
    (a) No bet if less than 3 years results.
    (b) No bet if less than 2 wins or 2 seconds.
    (c) No bet if the horses has never run before.
    (d) No bet if quoted at odds-on.
  6. In the event of a tie, give preference to:-
    (a) Non Handicap race over a Handicap race.
    (b) The race with the lowest added prize money.
    (c) The smallest field.
    (d) The shortest price

Note, if you have discarded any race related to rule 5, then automatically go on to the next best race. Rule 2 should have a 'rider', in the event of a race having been split, then count each division as half a race, in other words if the favourite results were 0011101.0 the last race was split and so the total wins would be 3.1/2, this happens seldom and is easily picked out in the Daily Mail as when a race has missed a year they put a dash and when it is split they put a dot.

Addition to Rules

In the event of a selected race being run in two or more divisions then take the shortest priced horse provided it qualifies i.e. has run before. Should it not have run before then ignore all divisions of that particular race and go on to the next best race.



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The Chevy Chase System

This horse racing system is based solely on handicap chases.

It concentrates on races with 8 to 12 runners.

The selection must be carrying 11st-7lbs or less to qualify.

The horse must have been out, and must have the best recent form of the horses which qualify.

In the event of there being several horses with comparable form, choose the one ridden by the best jockey, (preferably the jockey with the best record at the course).

If the favourite for the race is odds on - no bet.

Staking one point to win. If the selection is 8-1 or above, 1 point each way.

The system requires patience, but it is very profitable.



The Factor 4 System

Simple free horse racing system based on 4 variables. You will need The Mirror (or failing that any paper with speed ratings)

To qualify, a horse must be:

1) Top rated in the speed ratings (usually signified by a dot)
2) Finished in the top 3 last time out
3) Favourite
4) Is running within 4 days of its last outing

Very simple and very effective



The Mirage System

1) Note all NON-HANDICAP races both for Flat racing and Jumps including the 'All Weather' courses. Races must consist of between 5 and 12 runners inclusive. (No amateur jockeys or apprentices claiming the full 7 lbs)

2) Note the price quoted for the favourite and the 2nd favourite in the betting forecast of your daily newspaper.

3) There must be a minimum of 4 points clear difference between the two, eg:-

FAV Evens - 2nd FAV 4/1 or more FAV 5/4 - 2nd FAV 9/2 or more FAV 1/2 - 2nd FAV 3/1 or more FAV 6/4 - 2nd FAV 11/2 or more FAV 4/6 - 2nd FAV 7/2 or more FAV 7/4 - 2nd FAV 6/1 or more ETC., ETC.,

* The BEST BETS for the purpose of the system are those with the highest points difference between the 1st and 2nd favourite. In all cases you back the favourite .

On many days there may be NO BET, others ONE bet or perhaps TWO. When 2 bets are indicated back as a double.

Selections can be found very quickly once familiar with the rules.

Any daily newspaper may be used but the most reliable betting forecast is to be found in the daily "Sporting Life". For the purpose of records all bets are, therefore, taken from this forecast.



The Schweppes System

Any newspaper may be used that gives the details of the last three outings of horses and includes a rating method of some type.

Rule One:

WIN - 10 points 2ND - 5 points 3RD - 1 points

Add one further point for: SF - Strongly fancied C - Course runner D - Distance runner

If in race runner is denoted as "top rated" for race, add a further 10 points.

In each race, the horse with the greatest number of points is the one to use.

To Reduce:

To reduce to one per meeting, select only from non-handicap races. Use the horse with the most points from the races selected.

Check the tipsters and if two experts have also gone for one horse than that is the selection. If still unable to reduce to one, use the horse with the highest rating in the race with lowest number of runners.

Staking Methods:

Use staking sequence 11223345566 to reduce losses and increase winnings.

NOTE: To reduce to just one selection per day, use the horse in the race with the lowest number of runners from all non-handicap races.



The Weekly Wage System

The Weekly Wage System is specifically designed to produce a regular weekly income for punters who wish to place their whole day's bets in one go each morning, but who still wish to achieve a second income from their betting.

Many punters like to follow their favourite jockey, but even a cursory glance at the jockey's table shows that very, very few jockeys show a level stake profit on their mounts. So clearly, in order to succeed, a system backing a jockey needs to be linked with some other sound basis of selection, the most obvious being the form of the horses that the jockey will be riding.

Selection Method:

This will only work at one meeting at a time so, if you are not actually at the track, it is suggested that you concentrate on the day's principal meeting.

Go through the entire race programme and note the jockey who is riding the most horses which were winners last time out. This is the jockey that you will be following today.

In the event of more than one jockey tying for selection, you will select the jockey who is currently the highest in the jockeys championship table at the present time.

You may place a bet at the Bookmakers on each of the jockeys mounts as per the following example.

Example: 2.00 L. Dettori's mount £1.00 win 2.30 L. Dettori's mount £2.00 win 3.00 L. Dettori's mount £3.00 win 4.00 L. Dettori's mount £4.00 win 4.30 L. Dettori's mount £5.00 win 5.00 L. Dettori's mount £6.00 win


The staking method that is used in the above example is a simple, but effective one whereby the stake is increased by just 1 point after a loss.

Important Note:

You must put your selected jockey down for ALL the races on the programme, even if he is not down to ride in one or more races. If he does not ride then there is no loss, but if, for example, he was not down to ride in the 4.00 but manages to pick up a spare ride which duly trotted in at big odds, then I do not imagine you would be too happy. So play safe and put your jockey down for each race.

Of course, if you are at the track, or even in the Bookmakers, then you could perhaps be a little bit more adventurous with your staking system, although the one used in the example is perfectly adequate and has proved to be very successful over the years.


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